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A nice welcome

November 29th, 2008

The last days have been quite long with just a little sleep. But we all are very happy. The press has given us a nice welcome. We have received a great number of e-mails of internauts congratulating us because of the initiative. The curves which indicate the number of visitors at google analytics do not stop rising. The subscribers increase each minutes….

And us, we haven’t stoped working. Javier and Alfredo continue with the programming to optimize all the functions of the website, activate new ones like the sending of proposals or the searcher. Silvia watches from very near so that her design gets implemented. And we are already preparing the E-Zine nr.1. And what about you? Have you prepared the rucksack to enjoy of your weekend?

We launch in BETA!

November 26th, 2008

After working like crazy this last days, finally around midnigt we will present you the E-ZINE nr. 0 in BETA. Now you can start to track down the territory!

Have a look at’s E-ZINE.

If at home you are nature lovers and enjoy panoramic views, this weekend you must follow the steps of the Carthusians at Scala Dei. On the way you can make a stop at Alforja, to see how they convert the olive into virgin olive oil. And if you prefer to discover the herbs together with the children, you have to pay a visit to the Vegtable garden of the Witches in Tamarit. And since you won’t be able to continue the day with an empty belly, take advantge of the excursion to go to El Catllar, a village near Tamarit, to enjoy of lunch in a family environment at the Farmhouse Caballo de Copas.

Five proposals that we complement with a game for those who prefer to stay at their warm home. Wumpa is an interactive game, which helps the little ones to dominate the mouse and discover the arctic world.

And if you still have to make plans for the long weekend of the Immaculada, we propose you to spend some days in Prades, an idyllic hamlet in the Baix Camp.

Welcome to, a weekly selection of activities of leisure and family tourism to do with children until 12 years in Tarragona, the Costa Dorada and the Lands of the Ebro.

7 days

November 19th, 2008

We are exactly at a week of launching the website and so busy that we almost don’t find a moment to write in our blog. We have been working for months in this project and we do not want to forget any detail. It’s the multitask moment: closing of the first e-zine,  production of the next 5 numbers, confirmation of the photographies, agreements for the public presentation of the web, promotional contacts… and meanwhile weekends on the road discovering interesting places to go with the kids.

It’s a very intense stage of my life, which forces me to have my mind in too many things at the time, but also very rewarding. I am meeting people really implicated in the territory who have a contagious vocation, I am enjoying of incredible landscapes and I am discovering deep traditions.

I expect to be able to share all this with you in 7 days. See you!

Tourism of proximity

November 3rd, 2008

It’s curious how suddenly when opening the newspaper, you can identify yourself with what you are reading. More concretely I saw how fits perfectly in this new tourism of proximity that starts to be promoted in our regions. It happened this past weekend when I read an interview with Salvador Anton Clavé, director of the School of Tourism and Leisure of the URV, published by the Diari de Tarragona.

Mr. Salvador Anton described the tourist of proximity like “the individual who has a family, has a weekend, the sun shines and wants to enjoy of a pleasant and profitable day doing an activity [...] This visitor has a limited time schedule, which he dedicates to go to a place which gives him a maximum of guarantees […] The time he spends there has to provide him the maximum satisfaction level, if not he will go to another place.” In Anton’s opinion at the demarcation of Tarragona we still have to run a long way before achieving this, because the visitors still need a certain skill to know for where to go.

Well, this is’s commitment. Concrete well explained proposals, with the guarantee for having been proved by people like us. Activities to do those days we weak up happy desiring to share a nice family experience whatever the sun shines or not.