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We invite 1 family to do the Via Verde of the Terra Alta

August 19th, 2009

If you like to ride a bicycle and enjoy of some fantastic landscapes, you have to participate in the draw of the Via Verde. The stretch between Horta de Sant Joan and Pinell de Brai is ideal to do with the kids. It has many areas with a play zone to stop and rest, a river and a source to bath.

Esgambi will provide all you need for the route: bicycles, kids’s chairs, small bikes with a bar so it can be hooked to the parents’ bike.  One family of subscribers (4 bikes and/or other material for free) will be able to have fun at the Terra Alta.

It is only necessary that you leave us a comment and wait until Friday the 21st of August at midnight when we will publish the name of the winner.

Good luck!

Accommodations for children at the Costa Dorada and Terres de l’Ebre

July 31st, 2009

If you have not yet decided where to go on holidays, we give you some hints based on the proposals we have made the last months. Along with the accommodation, we also propose an excursion and a restaurant.  This way you just have to pack your bags and leave!

Cal Crispí (Prades, Baix Camp): rural house

Vinyols Camp (Vinyols i els Arcs, Baix Camp): ecologic camping

Assut Hostel (Xerta, Baix Ebre): hostel

Mas de l’Arlequí (Rojals, Conca de Barberà):  rural house

Torre Forcherón (Amposta, Montsià): agrotourism

Vilar Rural d’Arnes (Arnes, Terra Alta): rural hotel

The Ebro with children in canoe

July 29th, 2009

For the e-zine 34 we have prepared a double number. Besides the 6 usual proposals, we present you a weekend special with a route, accommodation and restaurant so that you enjoy the Baix Camp with the children.

We take you to the area of the hermitage of the Virgin of the Rock at Montroig del Camp. The eroded reddish rock where the hermitage is located is a suitable place for children let their imagination fly. They will be able to hide in the cave with the hole while you walk to the devil stairs.  And in the end you can have lunch at the Masset restaurant located on the way to the rural camping Vinyols Camp that we present you in this special, a fantastic place where the children will be able to enjoy the animals and the vegetable garden.

And our weekly proposals include some refreshing items. What about discovering one of the most beautiful stretches of the Ebre in canoe? You will go down strem from Miravet to Benifallet. In Benifallet you can recuperate strengths in Ca Treig with Manel’s paellas.

If you prefer a more cultural activity, the gymkhana of the Pau Casals Museum is a must. Every Thursday during summer you will be able to become guides to discover the life of the cellist. The touch of humor and entertainment arrives with the shows in La Pineda, offered every Friday until the 4th September.

And if you want to finish refreshing yourselves totally, do not doubt on going to the traditional collective water battle in Morell. You will enjoy of a great show where you will discover how the farmers struggled against the wood worm that loomed the hazels of the zone.

And finally, we present you, a website full of games made with recycled materials, in the link of the week. Besides of finding game ideas, you will find the instructions to construct the objects you need to play with materials you surly have at home.

Nine proposals to you enjoy summer with the children. Remember you’ll find more proposals in our advanced search. We rest a week and will be back on the 13th of August of 2009 with a new e-zine and a new weekend special.

Kids on board

July 22nd, 2009

At the e-zine 33 you’ll find a refreshing excursion. What about taking a boat to discover Tarragona’s harbor by night accompanied by Captain Apodaca hand and learn more about the history of the place?

If you like to travel in time, make sure you land in Tortosa. You’ll be able to revive the Renaissance with the residents of the city this weekend.

For those who prefer to test their physical condition, we present an itinerary that has it all: mountains, river, forest, panoramic views, a chapel and a picnic area with a restaurant and a shelter at the hermitage of Sant Antonio. We are talking about the path to the chapel of Sant Bartomeu in Ulldemolins the Montsant mountains. A promenade for the oldest ones of the family.

And for the youngest kids we have a sonar proposal. If you go to Cambrils on Saturday you can lose in a maze of giant instruments. Just let your imagination lead your hands.

If you are looking for games so the children can review maths, writing, etc., we recommend you visit the site of Educa. They have a very interesting section with review records.

And as usual, remember that you can find more family trips, accommodation to go with children, restaurants using the advanced search of

Caves to go with children

July 15th, 2009

This week in our e-zine 32 we present you 2 more options to escape from the hat during summer to complement swimming in the beach and the rivers. Just let you overwhelm by the strange formations originated by the drip of the water into the Dos and Wonder caves of Benifallet where the temperature does not overcome the 18ºC.

And for those who you prefer play with water, the foam party at the Nou de Gaià can be a nice idea. Remember that this village forms part of the Low Gaià castle route.

If you like the water, but at a certain distance, you’ll like the promenade to the Boyó Source in Vimbodí: a short route ideal for little children with a waterfall as a reward. Afterwards you can go to Els Torrents restaurant for lunch or enjoy of the picnic area just next to the restaurant.

And before driving a long way, you can check the Fuel website of the Spanish Ministry, where you can spare some money if you go to the pomp stations with the cheapest rate.

And if you prefer something stronger: you can enjoy of fire and beasts in Vendrell.

Six proposals you can complement with other routes, restaurants, accommodations and activities to do with kids that you will find if you use the advanced search of’s website.

Excursions to the mountain with children in Catalonia

July 11th, 2009

A week ago we made a brief resume of excursions to the river and the beach. What do you think if we now remind you some nice places to go to the mountains with the kids in Catalonia?

The information comes from the e-zines we have already published.

You just have to click on the itinerary’s title and you will find the description of the route, photos, the recommended ages, place to have lunch and a lot more!

Caves and prehistoric paintings in Perelló (Cabra-Freixet, el perelló, Baix Ebre)

Sant Miquel de Montmell: towards the top of the Baix Penedés (Montmell, Baix Penedés)

The racó d’en Marc at els Ports (Els Ports, Mas de Barberans, Monstià)

Following the steps of the Carthusians (Montsant, Escaladei, Priorat)

The Chapel of the Column in Cardó (Cardó, Rasquera, Ribera d’Ebre)

Some more water

July 8th, 2009

In the e-zine 31 we have a new proposal to escape of the heat. What about going to the water park Aquopolis Costa Daurada? Slides, castles, waves and a show of dolphins and sea lions will surprise you there. An adventure even for babies.

And if you prefer to enjoy the last days of the golden wheat fields before harvest, aproach Cabra del Camp. We propose a route by mountain bike through fields and vineyards.

And in the evening you can’t miss Tarragona’s sky show of fireworks. And just before go and have diner at the Suca restaurant. You’ll enjoy of some great fondues.

And if you love colorful festivals, approach Mora d’Ebre where they commemorate their Arabic past.

And if your children need to review some math’s, we present you a website to train their brain.

Six proposals which can be complemented with tours, restaurants, accommodations and activities that you can find at’s advanced search.

Bathing in the river with the children

July 1st, 2009

Summer has arrived and we only think of a nice swim. At our e-zine 30 we present a great place to fresh up. Close to Capafonts you’ll find the Llúdriga source and on your way you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your feet into water or even swim. And you can have lunch at the Perdiu Hostal in La Febró.

If you prefer to retrieve history and tradition, we have two interesting proposals: in Alcanar you can do a ceramic workshop following the Iberian style and at Cabra del Camp you can see how they harvest with traditional tools.

For those who prefer a laugh a lot over the weekend, we propose the circus show “Papers de circ” in Argilaga, near La Secuita.

And as last proposal of the week, a website full of exercises so your kids can review a little during the holidays.

Six proposals which you may complement with other you can find at the advanced search of There you’ll find lots of restaurants, tours, excursions and activities to do with children.

Discovering the Alt Camp with the children

June 24th, 2009

At the e-zine 29 we take you to the Alt Camp. In Puigpelat you will help Pep and Sonia to harvest the vegetables in the field, to feed the hens or move the snails in the greenhouse from one place to an other. In Farena you will discover the magic of nature. Walking along pines you will arrive to the Brugent River and the Toll de l’Olla, a spectacular natural pool where you will be able to have a swim with the children. And if the bath has opened your appetite, you will be able to have lunch or dinner in the Brugent restaurant at the same village.

If you want to welcome summer holidays with a lot of noise, you must go to Reus (Baix capm) and enjoy of Saint Peter’s Celebration. The thunderstorms are spectacular. And if you prefer to participate in a show, just approach the roman villa of the Munts in Altafulla (Tarragonès). There in Casius or Faustina will be your hosts. And if you prefer to stay at home, we offer you a website full of game proposals, a good tool to entrain your kids in the open air, at home, with friends or alone.

We hope you enjoy of a weekend full of family activities. And as usual, we remind you that using the advanced search of our website, you will find many more alternatives of family leisure!

(Català) Mirant els astres

May 27th, 2009

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