Accessibility Policy

The website of SCP is firmly compromised with webpage accessibility and wishes that its contents arrive to the largest number of users independently of their condition. For it uses standard technologies established by the W3C and it follows the Guidelines of Accessibility.

What does Web Page Accessibility mean?

The Web Site Accessibility is the access of all to the Web Page, independently of the type of plots, connection, software language, culture and/or of the individual capacities. Following the recommendations for a suitable accessibility web page, we use methods that well employed help to have a more satisfactory navigation.
More information about Web Page Accessibility.

How can I orient myself?

The menu of navigation with the main sections is placed in under need the page. Moreover, from all pages you can access to the web site map, where the structure and sections of the website are shown.

Can I change the size of the text?

The web site does not use an absolute source size of, but it has described relative sizes that allow the user to modify them depending on his needs, using the options that go with his pre-defined browser

Keyboard shortcuts:

The web site of contains keyboard shortcuts for speeding up the navigation for its contents.
A combination of keys is required in order to use the shortcuts. These are different depending on the browser and the operating system that is being used.

Internet Explorer 4.0
Browsers based on Gecko (Mozilla Firefox, Flock, K-Meleon, Camino, Netscape, Epiphany, Galeon, SeaMonkey, IceWeasel, Minimo, etc)
ALT + Key of keyboard shortcut
Internet Explorer 5 or superiors
ALT + Key of keyboard shortcut + Key ENTER
Capital letter key + Esc Big to activate the shortcuts.
Control key to activate the shortcuts.
In the operating system MacOS
Control + Key of keyboard shortcut