Caves and prehistoric paintings in Perelló

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25th to 31st of March 2009

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Caves and prehistoric paintings in Perelló
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The trip: Caves and prehistoric paintings in Perelló



El Perelló, Baix Ebre

Suitable age:

From 5 onwards

On foot

About the place:

Have you ever seen prehistoric paintings from just some centimeters away? If you want to show the children where the man of the Paleolithic was living, where he hunted and as painted, take them to Perelló. Surrounded by an impressive landscape at approximately 80 meters of altitude on the level of the ravine of the Nines, you will find Cabra-Feixet's coat. On the rock you will find some paintings of a hunter with a bundle in the hand, a goat and an deer. It are one of the most ancient paintings of the territory (between 25.000 and 15.000 years). And if you continue the way you will find hidden in the bushes the Cave of Mallada; a cave of 20 meters of depth and 7 of high where the men of the Paleolithic lived. 

An itinerary to re-live the prehistory with the children in a spectacular environment at the feet of the Boix saw! (see photos)

Direction tips:

To access to the start point of the route you must take the local road TV3022 of Perelló to Rasquera. Between km 7 and 8 you will find an indicator to the “Camí del Coll de la Mola i les pintures rupestres”. Take this paved way. After 2 km you will have to follow the track that rises to the right and also indicates in direction of the cave paintings. 700 m later the way turns towards the left side. Continue this way with precaution, since it is full of fords. After 1,5km you will arrive at the parking zone.

The itinerary starts on the right side of the sign and takes you all the way up to the ravine.  After raising a lot of stairs of different levels, you will arrive approximately 17 minutes later to Cabra-Freixet's prehistoric coat. Behind a few gratings you will find the set of cave paintings protected by the UNESCO. To the right side there is a hole in the rock where the children will be able to live through the experience of being in a cave during a few minutes. From this point you have two options: if you are tired, you can go back towards the parking.

If you want to continue enjoying of the magnificent landscape, follow the way that will turn towards the right passing by a solitary pine. Continue straight on until you arrive to an area where the ground is a great flat rock. Here you can rest awhile, enjoy of the landscape and drink some water. To continue you will have to take the left path and a few meters later on you will pass between 2 rocks. Little by little the forest starts being denser until you will pass by a rock surrounded with palms. The children can pass bent below the rock and the parents will have to do some effort to become thinner separating the leaves of the unique autochthonous palm of Europe. All the sudden it seems that you are in the jungle. You will arrive to a prehistoric coat. If you want to see the cave of the Mallada you must raise the stones piled up at the end of the coat. Once you passed the stones, you will find a track that in 5 minutes will take you towards the Cave of the Mallada. The Cave is to Approximately 20 minutes away of the cave paintings. You will not find anything special, but it is worth a while seeing where the men of the prehistory were living. You go back through the same path to the coat. From the coat you must return to catch the principal path that now turns at this point. You continue the principal way without turning aside and you will return to the parking in the half hour.

The best season:

winter, autumn, spring

Lunch tips:

If you want to picnic you will find an agreeable space at the area of Ferra’s Raft at about 5km from parking. You must return to the TV3022 and turn to right. Between km 6 and 7 you will find a way that can be identifies by a great stone where is written: Mas d’en Curto. Take this way. At 1,4 km you will find the an area with tables and a raft where you can fish.  If you continue along this way,  3,5km from the TV3022 you will find at your left side Mas d'en Curto a farm where you can sleep and enjoy of great homemade cuisine.

More info:

Difficulty: medium
Type: circular route
Duration: aprox. 1hora and 20 minutes (without stops)
Distance: aprox. 1,8 km  
Accessibility: the paths have many stones, therefore it is important to use very good footwear so you won’t slip. The first part up to the paintings is quite of raise with steps of different levels where you will have to help the children. From there the path starts to go down. There are some parts of the path that will obligate you to walk one behind the other. Although the paths are quite narrow, it is possible to give a hand to the youngest. The last part, once you have seen the Cave of Mallada is flatter and wider.
Recommendations: it is necessary to use very good footwear to walk on rocks and stones.  Take sufficient water for the whole route. It is not recommend to do the route in summer, since there is no shade. Avoid the hours of maximum heat, use solar protector and caps.

Photo: © (see more photos)

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