Siurana: the legend of the Queen’s jump

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Siurana: the legend of the Queen’s jump
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The trip: Siurana: the legend of the Queen’s jump

Cultural tourism


Siurana, Priorat

Suitable age:

From 3 onwards

On foot

About the place:

If your children like the legends, you have to take them to Siurana, a very charming village situated at 737 meters above the river that has the same name.

The legend says that the Saracen queen Abd al-Azia was having party at hercastle, when an arrow came through the window and stuck on the table. For some years the Christians had besieged the village of Siurana from the four sides, but it was the first time they came so close. Siurana had been until then impregnable for the weapons of the time. But finally, between 1153 and 1154, the Catalans knights arrived to the gates of the fortress. So the Saracen queen decides not to fall into their hands. She takes her white horse, and galloped right to the ravine. Since the horse suspects something, it wants to slow down just before its feet leave the ground, so it nailed its feet firmly on the rock. Today you can still find the tracks in the rock known as the "Jump of the Queen”. This legend explains how Siurana, the last stronghold of the Saracens in Catalan territory, fell into the hands of Christians.

An itinerary through a village full of surprises.

Direction tips:

To reach Siurana you must take the C-242 from Cornudella de Montsant towards Albarca. Once you have passed the village of Cornudella de Montsant and having passed the road that takes you to Siurana’s dam, you will find on the right a paved road in direction to the village of Siurana. It are 8 km. You have to park on the outskirts of town in front of the castle ruins.

To enter the village you have to cross a small bridge. From this point you can enjoy of some magnificent views of the Gritella saw of the massif of the mountains of Prades. Before you start walking around the village,  we propose you to look for the “Queen’s Jump”. Next to the agroshop, on your left hand when entering the village,  you will find a road that climbs to the left and passes behind the shop. Take this path. When you reach the first fork, continue straight on towards the castle ruins. After the cave, you will find a small detour to the right. Take the stone stairs and between two rocks you will find a railing. Behind the railing, down on the rock you will see horse traces. You are at a place called "the Queen’s Jump."

Those without vertigo can climb the rock and reach the village walking on the rocks. The view over the river Siurana, Els Gorgs and the marsh are magnificent. You should be very careful because there are no railings and the rocks hang 700 meters above the river. So keep the children always with you. Follow the flat rocks in the direction of the church of Santa Maria with a Romanesque nave. This way you will enter the village by the side. Take the first street to the right. You’ll return to the path behind the agroshop. At this point you can start your tour through the village.  

The best season:

winter, autumn, summer, spring

Lunch tips:

In the village there is no official picnic area. You'll find a bench next to the agroshop and many flat rocks and green areas where you can have a picnic. If you prefer to eat at a table, you can go to the restaurant Siurana, where you will find a good traditional Catalan cuisine.

More info:

Difficulty: very low
Type: circular route
Duration: tour to the queen’s Jump about 10 minutes (without stops); walk through the village 45 minutes.
Accessibility: it is a path without much complication. Only at the beginning you have to climb a rock.
Recommendations: the village hangs at 700 meters of height. The boundaries of the rock are not fenced and therefore it is important to watch the children at all time and never leave them alone near the cliffs.

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