Toll del Vidre in Arnes

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August 26 to September 2, 2009

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Toll del Vidre in Arnes
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The trip: Toll del Vidre in Arnes



Arnes, Terra Alta

Suitable age:

From 1 onwards

By bikeBy car

About the place:

What do you think of enjoying of a natural pool surrounded by the mountains of Els Ports? The Toll del Vidre is one of the few places in the province of tarragona where you will find a beautiful bathing area easily accessible by car or mountain bike. You will leave the olive fields near the village of Arnes to enter the forest of the Natural Park of Els Ports.

A route with spectacular views and a natural pool formed in the limestone of the Algars River with waterfalls and a natural slide where you and the kids will enjoy a unique landscape.

Direction tips:

To access the Toll del Vidre, You should take the T320 between Horta de Sant Joan and Arnes. Between km 10 and 11 you will find a bifurcation which will take you to Arnes. Take it. At the second fork you have to go right following the indicator of the Vilar Rural de Arnes and the Toll del Vidre. 400 meters from the entrance of the Vilar rural d’Arnes you will find a source on the left side of the road. You can leave the car on the right at the open space in case you decide to continue by mountain bike.

Whether you go by car or bike, you continue going straight until the next fork at 200m. At this point you go right leaving the asphalt road. After 2.6 km you will enter the Natural park of the Ports. You will arrive to a new bifurcation. Take the right path. At this point you will find a stretch of concrete road. At 1.2 km you turn right. After passing the bridge you will find a very steep descent. 350 m further you will find an other fork. This tame go to the left. After some meters you will arrive to a larger open space where you can park the car. On the right you will find the stairs that take you to the river Algars  and the Toll del Vidre. You must undo the way to return to the starting point.

The best season:

autumn, summer, spring

Lunch tips:

Although the Toll del Vidre has no specific picnicking area, the rocks next to the river are quite useful to have a seat and eat a sandwich. If you prefer a more confortable place,  you will find a tasty buffet at the restaurant of the Vilar Rural d’Arnes. If you're looking for an elaborate cuisine, the restaurant Mas del Cigarrer between Horta de Sant Joan and Bot will not disappoint you.

More info:

Difficulty: mountain bike: high, car: easy
Type: linear route
Distance: 11.9 km (two ways)
Duration: by car approx. 40 minutes (two ways without stops); by bike about 1h30 (two ways without stops)
Accessibility: the forest path has many slopes and very uneven stretches, so it is essential you use a good mountain bike. The children should be used to long rises. If you drive, you must go very slowly because the ground is full of rocks and stones.
Recommendations: take water with you and sunscreen.

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