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Conditions for the partial reproduction of content

The texts can be reproduced, stored or transmitted in all ways and by all means, if they are mechanical, electrical, chemical, optic, in computer format as well as engraved or photocopied, as long as the source is quoted and it is strictly for private and non commercial use. The source will be quoted in the following way:

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The images and pictures have been handed over to by third parties for its strict use in this website and therefore can in no way be reproduced.

Responsibility with the links

The links contained in the web page can take the User to web pages managed by third parties. takes no responsibility with respect to the information that can be found on the web pages, since the function of the links is only to inform the User about the existence of other information sources about a particular subject. is exonerated from every responsibility by the correct operation of such links, the results obtained through the mentioned links, the veracity and legality of the contents or information which can be accessed, as well as the harm that the User can suffer by virtue of the information found on the web page of a third party.

Responsibility regarding security is not responsible for the possible security errors that might be produced due to the use of non updated browser versions , of the consequences that might derive from the bad operation of the browser, for inappropriate configuration, the presence of computer viruses or any other cause foreign to does not guarantee the absence of a virus and other elements in the electronic documents or in the user files of this web page or of third party web pages, that can cause damage to the computer system. Therefore will not be responsible for the harm caused by the factors mentioned above.

Responsibility of the contents of the web page rejects the responsibility derived from the bad use of the contents, being the person who accesses or uses it the only one held responsible. reserves the right to update the contents , eliminate them, limit them or block the access to them at any time, in a temporary or definitive way. will not take any responsibility for any information not contained in these web pages and, therefore, not elaborated by or not published with its name. is not responsible for the possible discrepancies that can appear between printed documents and their electronic version on the web page. comes is exempt from every responsibility regarding possible damages or harm that the user can suffer as a consequence of errors, faults or omissions in the information that we offer when it comes from third parties. is not responsible for the use that the minors make of the web page. It is the parents' responsibility to make sure the minors use the internet correctly and make sure they are present with them during their sessions.

Responsibility of the contents of the blog related to tips added by the members of the net does not take any responsibility for the contents, data and/or information added by the members of the net related to proposals of routes, activities, etc. does not guarantee that these contents are true or that they fulfill a particular purpose.

Confidentiality of the data compromises to maintain the confidentiality of the data of our customers, users and visitors and comply with all the legal requirements in force.

In accordance with what is established in Law 15/1999, 13th of December, regarding the Protection of personal data , commits to fulfill the duty to keep personal datasecret and store it; will adopt the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss, bad treatment or non authorized access at all times, in accordance with the status of the technology.

In consequence

Data gathered through forms, e-mail or other possible ways, is included in an automated file belonging to and responsibility of and they will be destined, exclusively, to the weekly sending of the e-zine to subscribers. If someone has accessed voluntarily, his/her name, residence, interests, photo and number of children, they will be included in the section of active members of the net at’s blog in order to be recognized as a member of the net.

We will not provide it to third parties nor will we sell or share the data of users, with the exception of that information that has been provided voluntarily by the user to be published in the blog.

We will not contact any user unless it is strictly necessary for the required service.

The user has the right to obtain the information he has given, modify it and cancel it through the account configuration of the web site or by sending an e-mail to suport.

Privacy Policy

Through this notice SCP CIF J43966464, holder of the website, informs the users about its Protection Policy regarding Personal data , according to the valid legislation on this matter. reserves the right to modify the present policy to its own discretion. The user accepts that the personal data provided now and in the future by him/her to will be treated in a personal data file . This data will be used for the analysis and publishing of statistics, the sending of a weekly e-zine and publicity.

These files will be ownership and responsibility of The user will have at all times the right to access his personal data, to rectify, cancel and oppose to it as stated on the legislation.

For this purpose, you can access the configuration of your account directly through the web site or by sending an e-mail to suport.

Voluntary data

Apart from the compulsory data, the user can provide additional information about him/her when adding a route tip , activity, etc.. voluntarily, so that the other members of the net can about know him/her and have more confidence in the information the user is providing. For the time being, the user can introduce the following voluntary data that will be published in the blog: his interests and number of children. If the user wishes , he also can load a picture of himself /herself, which will be public for all users and visitors to The voluntary data which the user decides to provide to, his name and place of residence , will be accessible and public for everybody on the Internet.